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Sofa care tips

Investing in a new sofa is a significant decision that can greatly impact the overall look and feel of your home. At Sheepbridge Interiors, we understand that purchasing a sofa is more than just a functional piece of furniture, but rather an investment that will enhance your living space. To ensure that your investment lasts for years to come, we've compiled some handy sofa care tips that will keep your new sofa in pristine condition.

Fibre-filled cushions are a popular choice for many homeowners, but they require some maintenance to stay in top shape. Regularly plumping up your fibre-filled cushions every day will help them keep their original shape and prevent them from becoming deflated over time. To do this effectively, hit them on all sides and drop them onto a clean floor to get some air back into them. Swapping your cushions around will also ensure that none of them see more action than the others and stay as comfortable as possible.

Stains are inevitable, but tackling them immediately is crucial to prevent permanent damage to your sofa. Soak up any excess liquid with a clean, dry cloth, and then spot-clean the area using the right cleaning products for your fabric. Check the tag or label to see what we recommend, as using the wrong supplies could risk damaging the material and voiding your insurance policy.

Positioning your sofa in an appropriate spot is also key to ensuring its longevity. Keep your sofa away from food preparation areas, direct sunlight, and the elements to avoid gradual daily damage to cushions.

Maintaining a weekly cleaning routine is essential to keeping your sofa looking its best. Use a damp or dry cloth to wipe your cushions down every week to remove any general dust and dirt that has built up. Vacuuming your cushions all over once a week with a low setting and a soft brush attachment is also an effective way to keep them looking smart.

Brushing your sofa cushions may seem unusual, but it's an excellent way to keep the fabric intact and the colours bright. Cushion covers can look dull and worn over time if the fabric is constantly flattened, so give them some TLC with a soft brush to fluff the fibres back up.

Finally, nothing ages your cushions more than bobbling or pilling. A weekly bobble-removing session can be an instant facelift for your sofa. A fabric shaver, which is designed for use on clothing, is ideal for use on cushion covers as it will remove bobbles gently while preserving the material.

At Sheepbridge Interiors, we offer a wide range of high-quality sofas in Newry and Ireland that are designed to last. Follow these simple care tips to keep your new sofa looking its best for years to come. Sofas Ireland Free Delivery

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